What are your Fears?

What are your fears? Would you even be able to recognize one of your deepest little ones? How many fears do you have? Do they out way your dreams, and how long would it take for you to do something about that?


Fear can be anything from paranoia, arcalaphobia, love and ourselves. Sometimes it’s easier to recognize our fears due to the reactions we exert. But what do you do when the reaction is analyzed so deeply that it becomes lost in translation and all you are left with is “Fuck it”


Know you’re at a point where you have given up, or preoccupying yourself with useless means of entertainment to avoid the issues at hand.


Well know get to work. Life isn’t going to fix your fears for you. The only one that has control over this is “you”.


When you recognize “Fear” in it’s other forms it starts to get more confusing. Hatred, jealousy, manipulation, and control, are all fear based emotional reactions.


What happens when we rule our lives by these reactions?


We create our own destiny.


What kind energy do you want to put out into the world? How do you want to feel everyday? Do you want to live your life in fear or Love?


I hope, I pray and I wish to openly give and receive love, because it’s the positive thing to do.


So, Give yourself the love and attention you deserve. Let go off all your “FEAR”. Live with good intentions and listen to your heart.



Lava Love You


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