cooking with ayurvedic spices will bless you

Specifically formulated supplements made with powdered extracts, raw herbs and essential oils based in ghee, honey and brown rice syrup.  We use an ancient process called 'Sneha Kalpana" which is comparable to the modern process of encapsulating the active ingredients similar to liposomal supplements. The cells are very slippery and when ingesting nutrients it's important to have the medicinal properties incapsulated for proper absorption.

Herbs to Balance your Dosha

Learning about the doshas can be overwelming at first, but we have made Ayurveda easy. There is a product for any health realated issue. We have herbs to balance you dosha. Products that help to detox the liver, help you sleep, give you peace of mind, and more.

100% Natural Ingredients

They are made of only 100% natural ingredients, using only the best of the Ayurvedic and Western herbs and spices. They are prepared by hand and in small batches for higher quality and freshness. Highly nutritious while providing many elements in which are lacking in the modern diet. Eat them out of the jar or make a tea. It's that easy and yummy too.

Quality Supplements

We are committed to providing quality herbal dietary supplements made in the USA and sharing Ayurvedic knowledge in order to promote a healthier lifestyle. 


My clients and I feel blessed to have found your products.Your integrity and love are obvious in how you produce, package and market your wonderful products.


I really enjoy taking your Rasayanas and find them to be of the highest quality. Keep up the good work.

Prince Hirindra Singh
Son of one of India's most prominent Kings. Renunciate, Mystic and Spiritual teacher

I really enjoy taking your Rasayanas and find them to be of the highest quality. Keep up the good work.


Incredible results! I am taking the Ashwagandha Rasayana and feel very grounded and am manifesting so much more in a few days than I have ever been able to. Thank you very much.


First I want to say thank you to you and your company. I have seen tremendous results in my whole being in the past 6 months.

M. Vignet

I would like to state the fine quality of these products. We like them very much. Your herbalist seems to be a real professional, who knows what to do. Once again, I am very much satisfied with everything.