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     Prepared according to the Vedic standards practiced in ancient times. We utilize an age-old method known as "Sneha Kalpana," which is akin to the contemporary process of liposomal encapsulation technology. When consuming nutrients, it is crucial to have the medicinal properties encapsulated for optimal absorption due to the slippery nature of the cells. Each Rasayana provides an abundant of powerful powdered extracts, raw powdered herbs, pure essential oils preserved in honey and ghee

    Utilization of dietary supplements alongside a healthier diet and exercise regimen is recommended  in order to promote improved overall health.  As an expert in the field of health and wellness, it is important to note that these Rasayana are not intended to replace medical advice or prescribed treatments. There is currently no documented clinical evidence for the effectiveness of these supplements. It is recommended to take them based on one's own beliefs and understanding of Ayurveda.

    Established since 1985

    27 products

    27 products