Ayurvedic dietary supplement called heart strong Arjuna Rasayana made in the USA by ayurveda-herbs.com, 300 gram jar.

Heart Strong #4 - Arjuna Rasayana

Vata Balancing

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Arjuna Rasayana is made with rejuvenative, tonic, stimulant, and blood cleansing herbs. It is made to support the heart, and calm the nervous system. The heart is a vital part of the body and when things like a poor diet, stress or hereditary predisposition weaken it, it can cause problems such as Coronary Artery Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cardiac Arrest, Heart Failure, Arrhythmia, Peripheral Artery Disease, Stroke or Congenital Heart Disease.

Arjuna Rasayana is in the form of a "food jam" consisting of herbs and spices in a base of honey, rice syrup, and ghee.

Instructions: Eat directly from the jar or dissolve 1 level teaspoon per 50 lbs. of body weight in a cup of warm to hot water and take on empty stomach in the morning or when ever needed. If you are presently taking medication it is advised to take herbs at least 2 hours apart from allopathic medicines. Always consult a doctor before adding additional hearbal supplements to a doctor advised treatment. 

If you are experiencing irregual or consistant heart symtoms, please see a doctor before self treament. Causes of heart problems include and are not limited to:

Coronary artery disease

High blood pressure

Cardiac arrest

Congestive heart failure


Peripheral artery disease


Congenital heart disease

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease. These statements are not FDA approved. Additionally, we are required to label these products as "dietary supplements."

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No clinical proof has been established; however Arjuna Rasayana may
also help support the following:

  • balancing or decreasing Vata dosha (#9a, #15a)
  • heart support
  • calmness (#15a)
  • muscles vitality (#9a)
  • internal warmth
  • vascular strength (#9a)
  • body and limb circulation
  • arteries and blood (#6)
  • circulation

Note: the numbers in parentheses above indicate additional products that can be taken.

Ayurvedic Rasayanas

Balance your dosha

We use an ancient process called 'Sneha Kalpana" which is comparable to the modern process of encapsulating the active ingredients similar to liposomal supplements.

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