If you dream a little or a lot, if you dream in black and white or vivid colors, our dreams can say a lot about our current doshic imbalance or even a cry for help from certain organs. Naturally, different dreams can be indicative of their doshic nature. During consultation, your practitioner may ask you about dreams and your dream state. Let us take a deeper look on what that means and how we can identify doshic imbalances in our dreams.


Vata type dreams are of flying, the feeling of fear, feeling trapped or attacked. Gas and bloating are a typically a vata imbalance in the digestive system. The sense of flying comes from the increased air quality moving around in our bodies, specifically in the digestive system which can indicate constipation. This creates the sensation of movement. Vata type dreams tend to be active with many types of dream activity and movements.


Pitta dreams tend to be violent, fiery, or include problem solving. Pitta is intelligent in nature and in pitta type dreams, the concern for being on time, intellectual conversations, or dreams of study may show up. Dreams of violence or fire is a strong indication of high pitta and the hot quality in the stomach and general heat in the body should be reviewed. Pitta individuals respect the appropriateness of their appearance and may have dreams about not being dressed properly in the case of a pitta out of balance type dream. 


Kapha type dreams are sweet, beautiful, and romantic. Dr. Lad describes kapha dreams as “romantic, with maybe a lake and lotus flowers and beautiful swans or ducks” (Textbook of Ayurveda: Volume 2, pg. 168 Dr. Lad). As kapha is comprised of earth and water, kapha type dreams are watery and fluid. Dreaming of drowning can indicate a urinary tract imbalance or fluid in the lung. 


While we can certainly look at dreams from a physical perspective, we cannot forget the importance of the spiritual connection in our dreams as our minds processes our surrounding world.


Beverly Foster is a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and 500-hour Ayurvedic Yoga Instructor. She received her certification from The Ayurvedic Institute in 2016 under the clinical guidance of Dr. Vasant Lad and worked directly with him as one of his herbalists. She is a board-certified National Ayurvedic Medical Association Professional Member. She currently lives in Southern Oregon where she offers Ayurvedic consultations, including zoom and phone consultations, and traditional Ayurvedic treatments. For more information, questions, or to schedule a consultation, you can contact her via shineayurveda@gmail.com or visit her website at www.shineayurveda.com