Need to Concentrate?

How is it that focusing has become such an issue in our society?

It seems that all the stimulation we receive from mass media, our bodies physical/mental health, and obligations has diminished our ability to focus. When we see this it is important to work on bringing our doshas back into balance and cleansing our physical and metal bodies. However if your needing some extra support you should consider trying our Concentration #20 - Shankhpushpi Rasayana 

Two of our regular customers are contentiously raving about our Concentration #20 - Shankapushpi Rasayana. The husband came into the store one day raving about the latest book he just finished, because until recently he hasn’t been able to sit and read a book for years. All thanks to this product!

He said, “Taking the Concentration  in the morning has been helping me transition between sleeping and awaking up. It has not only increased my focus, but has given me a sense of inner peace with an enhanced clarity."

The main ingredient in our Concentration #20 is called  Shankapushpi ( Convolvulus Pluricalis) , it has not only been known to help support memory weakness and muscle toning,  it has also been recognized to help relieve stress.