Why Ayurvedic Massage?


As soon as the word massage comes it reminds us of lotions, scented oils, creams, spas, massage parlors, relaxation and an experience of comfort and rejuvenation. Many people have the myth that massages meant only for relaxation and freshness and they hold no good for the body’s internal systems.

This myth has been busted by Ayurvedic massages that hold much more than relaxation and freshness of the body. Ayurveda the ancient therapy of medicine that was practiced around 1500 BC in India and is still existant not only in India but also in several parts of the world. Ayurvedic massage forms an integral part of Ayurveda and is as old and good as Ayurveda itself.

Ayurvedic massage is a holistic approach to the cure and rejuvenation of the human body and is beneficial for the whole body starting from the head till the toe. Direct affects to the skeletal and circulatory system from ayurvedic massage have been proved beyond doubt apart from that it has a positive affect on the nervous, muscular, lymphatic, respiratory, reproductive and digestive systems of the body.

Ayurvedic oils, creams and ointments are the perfect mixture that a ayurvedic massager will apply to your body and rub it in a way that the medicinal properties reach the depths of the skin and the benefits are percolated to the organs and organ systems protected by the skin. These creams, ointments and oils are extracted from ayurvedic medicinal herbs that have been known from centuries to deliver the most awesome benefits to the human body.

While massaging the human body one needs to take care that the massage is done with the correct technique and the right use of fingers and hands. For this the ayurvedic massager needs to be well trained in ayurvedic massage and should have the knowledge of the vital points of the human body where the affect of the massage will be maximum. If the massager is not well trained chances are that the massage will end up giving ill effects to the body instead of any benefit.

To take an Ayurvedic massage there is no need to fall sick; you can take a massage (ayurvedic) just to rejuvenate your body and mind. Remember the effects of Ayurveda are slow and long term. Thus donít expect overnight results. Be patient and after a few sittings with a Ayurvedic massager you will observe the results in your body and mind that are going to stay for a long term.

A toned skin, delay in wrinkles, retention of a youthful face and body are few of the external benefits that can be observed after a couple of sittings with a trained and experienced Ayurvedic Massager who knows which herbs to use and the right technique to massage the human body for maximum benefits.