Ayurvedic dietary supplement pancreas support shilajit churna made in the USA by ayurveda-herbs.com, 150 gram jar.  kapha dosha balancing

Pancreas Support #17 - Shilajit Churna

Kapha Balancing

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A Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Dietary Supplement for Pancreas Support

 Shilajit, also known as mineral pitch, comes from the rocks in the lower Himalayas during the warm, summer months. It is believed that its origin is from the decomposition of vegetable substances.

Shilajit Rasyana may help support the nervous system, kidneys and digestion. Kapha Dosha Balancing. 

Shilajit Churna is made from (Shilajit mineral pitch) plus 19 bitter tonic, diuretic, alterative, stimulant, and rejuvenative ayurvedic herbs in a dry powdered form.

Instructions: This formula comes as an herbal powder which can be made into an instant tea. Dissolve 1 to 3 tsp. in hot water and drink 30 min. before meals. Can be sweetened with your approved sweetener.

Precautions: This product is not intended to replace insulin treatment; it is a dietary supplement only.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease. These statements are not FDA approved. Additionally, we are required to label these products as "dietary supplements."

Pancreas Support - Shilajit Churna

No clinical proof has been established; however Shilajit Churna may help support the following:

  • pancreas vitality
  • blood purification (#29)
  • spleen support
  • digestion (#29, #13)
  • metabolism
  • weight management (#29)
  • fatigue 
  • beta cell support
  • kidney support
  • energy

Note: the numbers in parentheses above indicate additional products that can be taken.

Ayurvedic Rasayanas

Balance your dosha

We use an ancient process called 'Sneha Kalpana" which is comparable to the modern process of encapsulating the active ingredients similar to liposomal supplements.

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