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Herbs for Bronchial Support and Lung Health 

Mullein Rasayana provides comprehensive support for bronchial health, including dry mucous membranes, lung tissue, respiratory function, blood circulation, digestion, and immunity. Enjoying it as a hot beverage can create a sense of calm and help maintain optimal lung performance. For centuries, mullein has been trusted as a natural remedy for promoting lung health. In ayurveda, it is believed to balance the Vata and Pitta body types.

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Essential Oils such as Cinnamon, Ajwan, Tumeric, Ginger, Cardamon, Clove, Myrrh, and Black Pepper may also be of benefit.

Instructions: Consumption should take place by consuming directly from the jar or by dissolving 1 teaspoon per 50 pounds of bodyweight in a warm to hot beverage, 60 minutes after meals or on an empty stomach as required. Maximize effectiveness by consuming slowly, allowing it to dissolve on the back of the tongue. Refrain from food and activity that may be stimulating.


Experience consistent symptoms? It's important to seek medical attention. Bronchial discomfort can have various causes, including but not limited to:



Cystic fibrosis




This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease. These statements are not FDA approved. Additionally, we are required to label these products as "dietary supplements."

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No clinical proof has been established; however Mullein Rasayana may help support the following:

Ayurvedic Rasayanas

Balance your dosha

We use an ancient process called 'Sneha Kalpana" which is comparable to the modern process of encapsulating the active ingredients similar to liposomal supplements.

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