concentration supplement for focus, mental health and can be used as a tea or made into a ayurvedic smoothie.

Concentration #20 - Shankhpushpi Rasayana

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A Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Dietary Supplement to Help Support Concentration, Memory, and Focus. 


Convolvulus pluricaulis, aka Shankhpushpi, is renowned per the Charaka as the premier herb for enriching learning (Dhi), memory (Driti) and recall (Smriti). This Medhya Rasayana is also known to boast potent antioxidant properties and promote heart, vascular and cognitive health. Shankhpushpi is highly recommended for extended mental tasks and for all Dosha body types, in order to help sharpen concentration, focus, energy levels and serenity.


Shankapushpi Rasayana is in the form of a "food jam" consisting of herbs and spices in a base of honey, rice syrup, and ghee.

Instructions: Take 1 teaspoon per 50 lbs. body weight on empty stomach preferably in the morning. It may keep you awake at night if you take it too late in the day.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease. These statements are not FDA approved. Additionally, we are required to label these products as "dietary supplements."

 Concentration - Shankhpushpi Rasayana

No clinical proof has been established; however Shankhpushpi Rasayana may help support the following:

  • meditation 
  • mental alertness (#15c)
  • concentration
  • memory
  • Skin complexion (#14)
  • emotional balance (#15a)
  • artistic and
    creative inspiration
  • awareness
  • bone marrow
  • nervous system

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